Steam Carpet Cleaning Melbourne - We Never Give Up On Those Awful Looking Stains Like Others!

Stain removal is one such service that we offer with enough pride and confidence, all thanks to the results that our team has delivered in the past. Our expert carpet cleaners hold enough skills to deal with those stubborn stains, we master the art of making your carpet go stain and spot free for General Stain Removal, Pet Stain Removal, spots and stain removal Melbourne, reliable spots & stains service on same day in any emergency. Our definition of a clean carpet is that it should not  have any spot or mark on it, comprehending the fact that stains are bound to occur with spills, accidents and other reasons, we have all the equipment to remove these completely. One important point that we would like to mention here is that if you have already treated the carpet with any stain remover, we do not ensure you 100% spot and stain removal, but still we will give in our best to make these look less visible. Stain Removal Service Melbourne

The stains for which you can call us are:

    • Pet stains( urine and vomit)
    • Beverage spills( tea, coffee, wine, beer)
    • Makeup marks( lipstick, foundation)
    • Food stains( ketchup, jams, soups)
    • Inks
    • Black marks from dust and dirt accumulation
    • Grease marks
    • Chewing gum
    • Paint stains
We will ensure that the spot removal process gets over in stipulated time frame; we know you are in a hurry to get your carpet in its original condition!

Spots And Stain Removal Melbourne - Our Approach Makes Us The Best Pick

Our spots and stain removal Melbourne approach is what makes us a reliable pick for complete stain removal. We do not jump to the products; instead, our technicians access every single stain present on the carpet, learn about its age, type of stain, and other attached factors and then move to the application of stain removers. We use high pressure steam cleaning to clean all those stains that have been sitting on the carpet and due to this those spots begin to lighten almost immediately. While doing this, we make sure that the fabric of the carpet, not even a single thread is pulled; we know you have invested a lot of money on that carpet and it is our duty to bring in back to its new like condition. All the products used by us are non-toxic and eco-friendly, you can call us even if you have pets or kids at home for a quick spots & stains removal session!

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